Allen Dabbs started his career at the ripe age of 16. Professionally piercing at a local studio in Atlanta Georgia under his mentor, where he learned proper sterile technique, bedside manner, Cross contamination prevention, first aid, and CPR. He became interested in body modification and piercings when he was 6 after he discovered a punk band named “Black Flag” and followed the subculture within the interest of that band, being tattoos and piercings. One day when he was 8 he was browsing AOL Search and he found a website created from the ground up by a legend in the body modification culture name Shannon Larratt. With posts, photos, videos, and experiences/stories of other peoples body modifications being posted daily, Allen became hooked to the website studying terms, photos, and experiences way before he ever even stepped foot into a tattoo shop. When Allen was 16 he walked into a shop to talk to the piercer about procedures. The piercer was impressed and Allen was Hired almost immediately because of his knowledge of piercings and body modification. Fast forward 12 years and Allen has been making his mark on people around the world providing people with only highest quality internally threaded jewelry from reputable companies like Body Vision Los Angeles, Anatometal, Industrial strength, Future Primitives, Tawapa, and Evolve.