Hello, my name is Andrey. I was born in the Ukrainian but have lived in California long enough to start feeling rather local. I was always into art, drawing was always around even while studying in university the stuff that was quite far from art. I never thought this would be that much of a mean of living, and an everyday occupation, but the best thing is I love it and enjoy seeing my clients loving their new tattoo. 

My journey as tattooer began in Orange County. I just moved to the US and I had to quit university so obviously, it was any kind of job I could find to make something to pay rent and so on... It was what it was but I had to do something about it. So I picked my old hobby back up to have a way to get away from all that. So little by little I began drawing again and learning my way of creating my designs. Not much longer after that, I began practicing on different fruit and other things that had skin. It took quite some time to get an understanding of how needle and skin would work but I needed an actual person to practice on, and the only person who would be down for that was myself. I already got all my equipment by that time and I was chilling at home kind of thinking through the process of tattooing myself and I have realized that I know how to do it, next moment I am sitting at my desk in my bedroom placing the stencil on my lap for my first tattoo ever, the first tattoo I did and the first I got. It was quite a risky investment but it worked out and then I got obsessed with. Tattooing friends and coworkers for free or materials price after coming home late was fun but stressful. All in all, it was a great learning curve and I value what I have and everybody who chose my work to become a part of their life, Thank you for the support and I will do my best to keep providing service to the best of my ability. Looking forward to meeting you all and, thank you, everyone, whom I have already met.

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