Alex Bready

My name is Alex Bready, I was born in Santa Monica and grew up in Oxnard California. I’ve been heavily influenced by all kinds of art my entire life, I have been creating some form of art since I can remember, I grew up skateboarding and continuously going to shows in the punk and hardcore community. Fallen on hard times when I was young I entered an apprenticeship to learn the trade of tattooing. For the past 13 years I have fallen in love with the visual beauty and culture that is tattooing. I take a very personal approach to every tattoo I do, if I don’t feel like I’m going to make your tattoo something thats better than you could have imagined I will not take it on. I have the up most respect for my work and the person I’m working on. I specialize in a very bold traditional style that lasts forever. Please contact the shop to book an appointment with me.

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