I was born and raised in Hermosa Beach and started tattooing with a friend named K back when I was 15 years old. I apprenticed for 8 years before I ever got my hands on tattooing professionally. Knowing everything from the fundamentals of making a power supply, a tattoo machine, to understanding how the power supply works, how the needle works and why the tune of the tattoo machine works the way it works, this matters most. A lot of tattoo artists lack these fundamentals after apprenticeship and when their tattoo machine breaks they don’t know why. I believe a full apprenticeship is learning every single aspect of the art you do. This is the main reason why a lot of artists today leave their clients with poor healing scabby tattoos, scabs, poor healing and never learned the proper way of blending colors. I mean, after all you only have one canvas.

I’m been very passionate about everything I’ve done in life. Before tattooing I traveled for 15 years as a pro skater. I skate for Sector 9 and enjoy it very passionately. I’ve been featured in magazines, naming some – Surfer’s Magazine, Skateboard Magazine, Long board International Magazine, Happy Magazine and Long board Surfer’s Magazine… I believe I already succeed in one of my goals in life, and my new goal is to become one of the best tattoo artist’s in the world.

So here I am now, a full time artist, loving the art and the love for art. Bring me your art and I’ll put it on you in the most beautiful and expressive way possible… not just on your shoulder. After all it’s on your body for the rest of your life… don’t you want it to look great?

Much love, 

Dave Hatton. HBL